Women Empowerment

Our women empowerment programs brings added values, increasing the strength of a woman, socially, economically and emotionally to integrate women into technology, enhance the use of technology as well as initiating and leading projects to bring change and transformation in every community. Women empowerment starts from the family, home, at work places, and communities.

Women counselling, giving girls, single parents, and young women the training required to enter a high-quality job, enabling them to lift themselves, their family and ultimately their community out of poverty. 

Women Empowerment Aims


Promoting to end gender-based violence, equal-rights to women, leadership and governance:

On this program, a2zrdt will work directly with women and girls of all ages, our women empowerment workshops and projects typically aims at using a holistic approach. These women will learn practical vocational skills, such as IT literacy, more effective women leadership, stronger integration with other women organisation, locally and interrnationally, supporting women entrepreneurs, curriculum vitae writing, and financial planning and more. We will assist in delivering practical workshops and ensuring that a2z helps deliver Sustainable Women Empowerment Development Programs.

Educating & Empowering for a Sustainable Future.

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