Raising International awareness of the environment.

A2Z Renewable Development Trust

a2z Renewable Development Trust is an international organization, where learning is serious fun, starting from our local communities, bringing changes and adding values. Our vision and aim is to implement various forms of Renewable solutions to the way we live and harmonize with our environment.

We are a trust that uses renewable technology to combat poverty by providing STEM training in, sustainable energy generation. This is aimed at fostering social mobility for socially excluded / disadvantaged young people. Our project will work with young people around communities, integrating a holistic approach to bring values and overcome barriers to higher education, employment and social inclusion.

Furthermore, our international programmes which also looks into implementing alternative ways to harmonise and live with our environment, such as, waste-to-energy solutions, rising issues concerning plastic waste, sustainable agriculture farming (hydro-ponics), solar farms, wind farms, Tidal energy,  micro hydro systems, to be used alongside homes, to provide a clean energy source, youth training schemes.

Our Mission

 Raise International awareness on the environment. Promote…

Youth Empowerment

We have developed a program to empower the youth through the provision of training courses on energy efficiency and…

Women Empowerment

Our women empowerment programs brings added values, increasing the strength of a woman, socially, economically and…


a2z Renewable Development Trust a2z Renewable Development Trust impact on schools, is an initiative to power young minds around…

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