Post-Covid-19 and the impact in our community


Covid-19 has made a scar on how we interact with one another and the society as a whole.

Our STEM workshops and projects will help bring back the fun in learning and developing new skills.

Everone can play an instrumental role in creating the change and transformation required to ignite innovations that lead to a clear path in sustainable development.


Integrating Cultural Appropiate Foods

Emergency Food Parcels

A2z wants to build access, trust and create culturally appropriate services, communities want to see support designed and delivered with their input, within community settings, and building on community networks.

In our community, people spoke about their shared experiences during Covid-19 pandemic and how it affected them. Food parcels are often culturally inappropriate and this is something that leads to waste which is not sustainable, food waste is what produces 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gases.

People are still receiving foods that they are not used to eating such as tinned soups and beans. Participants did not feel as though they could refuse the free food or express preferences.

It was during covid-19 a2z noticed that food parcels given out where culturally inappropriate which was leading to food waste.

What we aim to do at a2z Renewable Development Trust:

  •         Promote and support events that are community-led and engage communities in sharing food and cultural food experiences.
  •          Develop the Good Food Cooking Toolkit in a range of languages.
  •          Support the development of growing projects that engage communities and produce the crops that people want.
  •      A2z renewable development trust, ensures that our Cooking Classes Training Programmes reach a range of communities and are designed around the needs of these communities.

             In future focus groups, invite participants to bring someone to help with language barriers where needed and give more time to enable participants to translate for each other.


Find out how A2z Renewable Development Trust is helping our local communities here in the News Link Below: 





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