a2z will be involved in the local community with environmental projects and having fun at the same time. This is a great way to get youths and families involved in building our community in a positive way.

Our Meetings

Some of the fun we will be having during our community meetings are:

Partner with a2z Renewable Development Trust to engage our communities in ways to live in harmony with our environment, starting from how we view and perceive our immediate environment.

a2z renewable development trust multiplies the impact of our actions by initiating diverse partnerships with a wide array of community stakeholders.

Through our integrated programs and public-private partnerships, our community programs help to strengthen communities. a2z renewable development trust works with corporations, local councils and government, educational institutions, non-profits and other organizations to address complex challenges on both a local and national scale. 

Our partners contribute ideas and support, and the time and power of volunteers all to help us empower stronger communities. Each and every day, a2z renewable development trust helps turn public spaces into beautiful places, helping to drive positive social, environmental and economic change.  By working together, we can be successful in improving our communities

At a2zrdt, preserving and looking after our environment is no more a choice, it is essential. Our environment is facing a lot serious threat due to the increasing population, pollution, and plastic waste. Therefore, it is a duty that is essential and urgent to educate our future generation about the various ways to maintain and save our environment. One way we can start protecting our environment is by following this simple steps to start with Reduce, Reuse and also recycle.


Educating & Empowering for a Sustainable Future.

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