a2z Renewable Development Trust impact on schools, is an initiative to power young minds around the world to bring values & impact to their immediate community. Programmes & awareness of positive impacts being sustainable, such as use of hydroponics to grow food in the garden, impact of plastic waste, learning to build computers, use of artificial intelligence, assembling of micro wind turbines and solar systems. A fun filled environment where every child can play & take part and learn.

We know young minds are always curious & passionate, early stage empowering and developing young minds towards positive views in environmental awareness will be an added value for our future generations to create a harmonious world they can live in.

We will lead the younger generation to solving the world’s issues with sustainable development, harnessing our energy in a more efficient and harmonious way not to hurt the earth…

  • We will build and program computers
  • We will learn and understand Artificial intelligence
  • We will learn how to reduce the use of waste plastic causing havoc to our oceans and environment
  • We will learn how to build solar
  • We will learn how to be inventors
  • We will have so much fun and keep learning

Learning Objectives

We would like the youths to be able to :

  • Learn different sources and uses of energy.
  • Understanding what is renewable and non-renewable energy.
  • Provide examples of common types of renewable and non-renewable resources.
  • Understand and explain general ways to save energy at a personal, community and global level.
  • Understand and explain, in general terms, how passive solar heating, hydropower and wind power work.
  • Describe some general characteristics of solar power, hydropower and wind power.
  • Understand the benefits and disadvantages to using renewable resources.
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