Fyffes utilizes water recycling system

Fyffes is reducing water consumption by 80% with a new water recycling system at its banana farm in Costa Rica. Dublin, Ireland-based Fyffes has a Costa Rica banana farm — Finca Esmeralda – that is one of the first in Costa Rica to implement a closed-water recycling system. It has successfully reduced water consumption from […]

The Cost Of Clean Water In Warm Springs

Miles downstream from the towns and irrigation districts of Central Oregon, the Deschutes River becomes tap water for thousands of people in Warm Springs. The reservation has the largest community water system operated by a tribe in the Pacific Northwest. Deficiencies at the treatment plant risk people’s health and violate the Safe Drinking Water Act, according […]

Is there a beautiful, briny solution to the world’s clean water crisis?

It’s tipped to be the key environmental challenge of the century – and there’s plenty of competition for that accolade. Water. The planet has plenty of it, but most of it is unusable, locked up in salty oceans. But demand is soaring and the strains are starting to show, from China to Latin America, India […]

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